Head Injury Survey

This is a short survey which asks you to report any history of head injury you may have experienced in more detail. This will help us to estimate the prevalence and main causes of head injury in a general population sample and will inform future research design. 

There is a series of questions related to previous injury, which should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. It may take slightly longer if you have experienced multiple head injuries. Your responses will be anonymous and confidential. Please answer as honestly as you can and provide as much detail as possible. 

The data gathered from this study will become 'open data', this means the data will be stored in an online database and will be publicly avaliable. This data will be anonymised and there will be no way to identify you from the research data. 

If you are happy to take part please indicate your consent using the tickboxes below. If you have any additional questions regarding the survey you can contact the principal researcher, Miriam Cohen on mc355@exeter.ac.uk for more information. This study is being supervised by Prof Ian Penton-Voak and Dr Natalia Lawrence and has recieved ethical clearance through the University of Exeter's Research Ethics Committee. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to partipate in this research study. 

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